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Attaching Data to your Assets


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summary of SERVICES

Web Tutorials & Conference Calls

See live demonstrations of how DataLinQr Slates work, how to develop templates, and access to the web portal to remotely manage all of your assets.

Technical Support

We offer our professional support to develop your templates, access your information, and problem-solve solutions throughout the lifetime of your project: from start-up to anytime after. 

Operator Training & On-Site Demonstrations

Training is key in successful implementation of any new steps and procedures. When your key people need help with our revolutionary system, we make sure your project has all the help it needs.


Schedule a Webinar

Schedule a webinar for a free demonstration and find out how slates can help your projects.


Features Overview



Scan the QR Code to get started:

  • Click the link to get the SlatePages app
  • Bookmark the SlatePages Portal at
  • Schedule a Webinar for a demo
  • Browse the tutorial
  • Try the sample template
  • Buy Slates for all your needs
  • Access your data anywhere



Gain remote access to:

  • Identification of type & model
  • Inspections & history log
  • Maintenance manuals & diagrams
  • Who installed this?
  • Who fixes this?
  • Who sells this?
  • What parts do I order?
  • Where are my notes & comments?



The SlatePages Portal can track:

  • Dates of any type
  • Site visits
  • Photos of conditions or damage
  • Locations of similar items
  • Edit information from your desktop
  • Damage Reports
  • Routine checklists

Our Services


Template Development

Customize your template to fit your needs. Make a template to match existing documentation, or develop your own custom setup to fit your needs.

No setup fees

You are only charged the purchase fee for your slates, with no recurring fees or subscription pricing. Making changes are easy, and can be done in the field.


Training is included with the price of the slates. We offer operator training as well as any followup training at no extra cost

Webinars and Tutorials

Need more information or a demonstration of how it all works? Register for one of our online webinars to see it all in action. Get your questions answered!




The missing link

DataLinQR powered by SlatePages is the connection between an individual asset and all the information about that asset - it is the "missing link".

A live logbook

Many municipality’s and manufacturer’s assets are out there in the world, and the information you need about those assets is out there too…right now it's written down or recorded in log books, spreadsheets, photos, or any number of places. Keeping that information relevant, connected, and up-to-date is a challenge. DataLinQR powered by SlatePages are the modern reincarnation of the log book that can be updated live at the source and in the cloud simultaneously with the Slate Pages app, ensuring that information stays with your asset and is always readily accessible.

attach to anything

A “DataLinQR powered by SlatePages” is a metal plate, foil sticker, or even a digitally etched, unique “QR” code that can be attached to an asset. Using a Smartphone, you can access via the internet, a specific page dedicated to that particular asset. This “asset” can be a just about anything that you need to keep regular information such as maintenance record, repair instructions, location, picture, or any data needed.

How to get started

If you have an iPhone, iPad or Android Smartphone, you can download a “SlatePages App” for free from the App Store. After downloading, just click on the QR code above to see what kind of information can be stored on the Slate Page. Slate Pages can be tailored to your exact requirements.

Manage your assets

For smaller applications, DataLinQR powered by SlatePages can be a standalone asset management system.

Export your data

If you have an existing asset management system, information that is collected by DataLinQR can be easily exported to your software via a shapefile or CSV (Excel) file.

One-time Fee

DataLinQR/Slates have a very reasonable one-time cost; you buy just the number you need, with no annual fees.

Guided assistance

To help you understand more about SlatePages, we regularly host a web meeting to review how they can help. We can take your typical asset maintenance “checklist” and build a sample DataLinQR/Slate that would be shown at the webcast.

get a demonstration

Contact us at to schedule a web meeting.